Road Trip Entries

We invite you to join in the fun while we send the
Guiding Signs 101 Cards on their very first road trip! They have just launched and want to see the United States. They will introduce themselves to new friends along the way to play, explore, and discover new insights! They will also be of benefit by going into women’s shelters across the country.

Here's how it work’s
On 11-11-11 we sent the cards to 5 people who kept them for two weeks each. During those 2 weeks they shared their insights and experiences with all of us via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube! Then each recipient choose a women’s shelter that they wanted us to donate a set of cards to, and now they will send the cards on their way to the next person who will repeat the process!

Once a month through May of 2012 a new deck of the Traveling Road Signs is sent on its way to a LUCKY WINNER! It could be YOUR house! Enter below WIN!
Join the fun, here's how..

How can you participate?

  1. Enter below to be a LUCKY WINNER in the Once a month drawing.
  2. “like” us on Facebook and follow the Fun!
  3. Send us a suggestion on women’s shelters to donate to along their journey. Click here for a list of shelters and inspirational stories Share with us your insights & experiences with the Guiding Signs 101 cards on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube
  4. Watch the cards travel as we map their journey around the U.S.A. Visit Map


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